Chicago Passport Agency

This page provides the contact information for the Chicago passport agency in Illinois. If you need to apply for a passport, then call this location to schedule an appointment. The Chicago Passport Agency can also assist you with any questions or issues you might have about your passport. We also provide additional information to help with the passport application process, including the required documents, application fees, instructions for when you arrive and other helpful information.

Passport Filing Services

If you are traveling internationally in less than 2 weeks or need to obtain a foreign visa within 4 weeks, you are eligible to schedule an appointment at this passport agency with proof of travel. Will call (pickup) service is offered for life or death emergencies and immediate travel.

Passport Appointment & Fees

Appointments are required at all passport agencies. There is no charge to make an appointment at a passport agency and customers should not pay anyone or any business making such a charge. You must pay the $60 expedite fee in addition to application fees to apply at this agency. Proof of travel is required when applying at this agency.

Will call service is offered for life or death emergencies and immediate travel abroad (leaving within 5 business days). The agency will advise you when the passport will be ready for pickup at will call based on your documented travel plans. For all other customers, passports will be issued within 8 business days of applying at the agency. During your appointment, the agency will advise how the passport will be sent to you.

  • Passport Agency Location

  • Chicago Passport Agency
    230 South Dearborn Street 18th Floor
    Chicago, IL 60604
  • Passport Agency Phone Number

  • The phone number to call the Chicago passport agency is 877-487-2778 TTY: 888-874-7793.
  • Passport Agency Office Hours

  • Monday - Wednesday: 8:30am to 3:30pm
    Thursday: 10:00am to 3:30pm
    Friday: 8:30am to 3:30pm

Chicago Passport Agency Driving Directions

Take the Kennedy Expressway to Congress Parkway East. Turn left on Dearborn Street, going north. After almost 2 blocks, the agency will be on the left side of the street in the Kluczynski Federal Building. The address is 230 South Dearborn Street, 18th Floor. Travel time from the airport is approximately one hour.

The Chicago Passport Agency is available to help process your expedited visa or passport requests. This facility, which is located near the city’s Grant Park, can help ensure that you obtain your travel documents before you are set to leave the country. Here, you have the opportunity to apply for a passport and receive your documents quicker than you would be able to if you applied through standard processing times.

This agency is different from a US passport office, and it is important that applicants understand which facility they need to visit before they attempt to schedule appointments at the agency. More information about the differences between these locations is available in the following section. Furthermore, subsequent sections also provide an explanation of how applicants can arrange appointments at this passport agency and where they can expect to find this area.

Who can apply for documents at a US passport agency?

Applicants must remember that not everyone is permitted to visit a federal passport agency and apply for their travel documents. In fact, requesters must have travel plans that fall within a certain time period before they can apply at these facilities.

Generally, applicants may only visit the Chicago Passport Agency and request their paspsport cards or books if they plan on leaving the country within the month. These last-minute travel plans could be due to family emergencies or other trips they did not have time to prepare for. If applicants need to have their US passport expedited and can pay the additional $60 fee that is associated with these requests, they may visit an agency. However, applicants who have more time to wait to receive their requests must apply at a passport office. There are usually several of these offices located within a region, and they can reside in libraries or post office buildings.

Scheduling an Appointment at the Chicago Passport Agency

Before you can speak with a representative at the Chicago Passport Agency, you must schedule an appointment. This is a requirement if you visit any agency located throughout the country. Every US passport office may not require you to schedule an appointment before you visit the facility, but all agencies do. You can arrange your agency appointment using one of two methods:

  • Schedule an appointment online. If you visit the U.S. Department of State’s website, you can schedule an appointment at the passport agency of your choice.
  • Schedule an appointment by phone. You have the option to arrange your agency appointment by calling the National Passport Information Center.

Where can I find the Chicago Passport Agency?

The Chicago Passport Agency is located on the street that used to be called W. Congress Parkway. However, the street is now named Ida B. Wells Drive. In any case, applicants can visit this facility and apply for their passports in person once they scheduled their appointments using one of the aforementioned methods. This agency is open throughout the week and can be found at:

101 Ida B. Wells Drive
9th Floor
Chicago, IL 60605