U.S. Passport Requirements for Visiting St. Thomas

“Do you need a passport to go to St Thomas?” is a question travelers ask before they visit this island. Since St. Thomas is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, it is a territory of the United States. As a result, there can be confusion regarding the passport requirements for sailing or flying to this destination.

If you want to visit St. Thomas, you may not need to apply for a passport before you go. The St Thomas entry requirements for U.S. citizens are straightforward. The following sections explain the passport rules for this island and how you can determine what documents you need to go there.

St Thomas Passport Requirements for U.S. Citizens

If you do not have a US passport, you likely can still visit St. Thomas. This is due to the fact that this island is technically part of the United States. Therefore, you can travel to St. Thomas if you show a valid ID and your birth certificate. However, you should still consider submitting a DS-11 passport application and obtaining your federal identification before you go. This is especially true if your driver’s license is not REAL ID compliant. The passport is the safest document you can travel with because foreign governments can easily recognize and accept it but this is not always the case with state-issued licenses.

Do I need a US passport to take a St Thomas cruise?

Whether or not you need a US passport for your cruise to St. Thomas depends on where your ship docks. If your cruise ship only docks at U.S. ports in states or territories, you likely will not need a passport. Examples of common ports of call where you would not need a passport include:

  • Miami.
  • Fort Lauderdale.
  • Puerto Rico.
  • St. Croix.
  • St. John.

However, if your St Thomas cruise takes you to a destination that is not part of the United States, you should bring your passport. Examples of locations that could require you to present your passport include:

  • Barbados.
  • Bahamas.
  • St. Maarten.
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis.