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Your Guide to the US Passport Agency

Where is the US passport agency located?

There are 27 US passport agency locations throughout the country. These facilities have the authority to issue expedited passports and visas to citizens who need to travel abroad within a short period of time. Generally, these agencies are located in major cities throughout the United States, and there are facilities in places such as Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Washington and New York. While not every state has its own passport agency, most applicants only need to travel a short distance to visit these locations.

Many petitioners wonder, “Is there a passport agency near me?” This information is readily available online to candidates. Furthermore, these facilities are in convenient locations across the nation in order to ensure that prospective international travelers who need to leave the country within a short period of time can obtain their documents. Usually, this applies specifically to petitioners who experience a family emergency abroad. Alternatively, candidates may need to visit these agencies because they have personal travel plans that they need passports for. The sections below explain how petitioners can submit a passport application at facilities and what circumstances qualify them to use these agencies.

Do I need an appointment to visit a passport agency?

It is mandatory that candidates schedule an appointment at their nearest passport agency before they attempt to obtain their travel documents from these locations. This is true for all petitioners who need their passport books or cards within a short period of time. Applicants who do not schedule an appointment at their closest US passport agency will be unable to speak with a representative when they arrive. In order to arrange these appointments, applicants can either submit their requests for appointments online or by calling the National Passport Information Center.


What should I bring to my passport agency appointment?

Once claimants arrange their passport agency appointment, they are responsible for bringing all the documents that are required for agency officials to process their requests. In order for a passport application to be fully submitted, candidates must bring the following items to their appointments:

  • A passport application form
  • Photo identification
  • Proof of citizenship
  • A passport photo
  • Payment for associated fees
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How is a passport agency different from a US passport office?

While an agency may seem like a passport office because both locations are equipped to receive passport applications, these facilities are very different. All first-time applicants and child petitioners need to visit a US passport office to request their passports. This differs from the passport agency, where only candidates who need their federal identification documents in less than a month can apply. Furthermore, most cities and towns have at least one passport office facility, whereas there are only a set number of passport agencies located throughout the country. Conversely, all passport agencies require that petitioners schedule appointments at these facilities before they plan to speak with a representative.