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Your Guide to CVS Passport Photo Services

CVS passport photo services are an economical way for passport book and card applicants to obtain the pictures they need for their federal documents. Many of the stores across the country offer these photography options to candidates who need to obtain their photographs before they formally apply for their passports. Paired with a cost-effective CVS passport photo price, many individuals find visiting these stores an appealing option because of their many locations throughout the country.

There are CVS stores located in all 50 states, in addition to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., and many of these facilities offer CVS passport photo locations. These sites are responsible for ensuring that all photos taken onsite adhere to federal passport photo requirements. While some individuals may be tempted to take their own passport photos because they want to save money, it can often be a more challenging task than anticipated. Locations like CVS provide candidates with professional services they can take advantage of, which can help eliminate the stress applicants may feel if they attempted to take their own photos. Furthermore, it can be difficult for individuals to determine on their own whether or not their pictures are passport-compliant.

The CVS Passport Photo and Federal Requirements

Any CVS passport photo that is taken at these company locations must adhere to the federal requirements for all passport images. Luckily for applicants, CVS workers are aware of these rules, and can ensure that customers’ images meet these federal guidelines. While customers do not need to worry as much about these requirements, they are included below so they can note what to look for in appropriate passport photos, should they decide to take their own photos. The most important photo qualifications include:

  • Color: Passport photos must be printed in color.
  • Photo size: Photos must be 2x2 inches, and the subject’s head must be properly positioned in the frame. This passport photo size at CVS is the only one used.
  • Paper quality: Images must be printed on glossy or matte paper.
  • Background: Photos need to be taken against a white or off-white, plain background.

When customers arrive at their nearest CVS passport photo locations, they also need to ensure that they meet certain requirements in regards to their positioning and clothes. These subject-specific requirements include:

  • Head position: Photo subjects must be fully facing the camera in their pictures.
  • Expression: Individuals must display neutral smiles or expressions.
  • Clothing: Clients must be wearing clothing they would typically wear. However, individuals generally cannot wear glasses in their photos, even if they wear them on a regular basis.
  • Covering: Individuals cannot wear head coverings, unless they are for religious or medical purposes. Customers who have medical or religious reasons for their headwear must be prepared to provide the federal government with official notices that validate this.
  • Headphones: Clients cannot wear headphones or display other electronic devices in their photos.

What is the CVS passport photo cost?

For the services it provides to applicants, the CVS passport photo cost is economical. Likewise, these photography services are on par with what candidates would be required to pay at similar facilities in other parts of the country. However, these prices can fluctuate depending on the year, so applicants need to make sure that they are always up-to-date on how much they will be expected to pay at any given time. Clients also need to remember that while they are required to pay for these services, there are some ways to save on their CVS passport photo price. Sometimes, these facilities offer coupons or discount offers that individuals can use to make these services even more affordable to obtain.

Where can I get a CVS passport photo coupon?

Sometimes, there is a CVS passport photo coupon available to applicants on the company’s official website. This CVS passport photo coupon 2018 allows individuals to save $2 on their passport photo orders. However, just as general passport prices fluctuate on a regular basis, individuals must also remember that these coupon discounts vary as well. Furthermore, coupons are not guaranteed to always be available to customers. For these reasons, passport candidates should regularly check the CVS website in the days and weeks before they plan on getting their photos taken so they are aware of any current store-wide promotions they may be eligible for. Likewise, applicants may consider searching for passport photo coupons on money-saving websites that specialize in advertising coupon discounts to help ensure they save money on their purchases.

CVS Passport Photo Locations

There are numerous CVS passport photo locations throughout the country. However, every one of these facilities is not guaranteed to offer photography services to customers. For these reasons, passport applicants need to call their preferred CVS retailer beforehand and confirm that these specific stores offer photography options. Furthermore, candidates who wish to obtain a CVS passport photo must also ask their nearest stores if they are required to make appointments in order to have their photographs taken. Since this process takes some time to complete, clients should confirm before they arrive at these locations as to whether or not they need a specific appointment to have their pictures taken. Generally, candidates can confirm this information over the phone or by visiting the store in person.

Can I print my passport photos at CVS?

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Usually, workers will print passport photos at CVS for any clients who have their pictures taken at the store. This fee is included in whatever candidates pay to have professionals take their photographs when they visit the CVS. However, passport applicants who have digital copies of photos they had taken at previous locations may wonder if they can print these images at their local CVS pharmacies. Many CVS locations have photography centers, which individuals can use to print additional copies of any photos they had previously taken. This is also true for individuals who have digital copies of their passport photos on memory cards or flash drives. Generally, this option is cheaper than having CVS workers take additional photos for candidates who already have images they can use.

However, candidates who want to print a passport photo at CVS need to remember that the image they want to print must still meet federal passport picture requirements. Furthermore, the pictures that individuals want to print must be fewer than six months old in order for them to be used in passport documents. Additionally, clients who are printing pictures that were not taken onsite with the CVS KODAK Biometric ID Photo System are responsible for ensuring that their images are passport-compliant themselves before printing.