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Passport Requirements for U.S. Citizens Visiting Bermuda

Cruise passengers and beach enthusiasts often want to know, “Do you need a passport to go to Bermuda?” This island nation is close to the United States. However, it is technically a territory of the United Kingdom. Therefore, U.S. citizens need passports to visit Bermuda. In some instances, travelers may be eligible to use a passport card or other document to return from the island. However, the standard passport book is always the most secure identification to bring.

The following sections explain Bermuda travel and ID requirements that you need to learn. If you do not bring the proper identification with you, your island getaway trip can easily become stressful and challenging. To save yourself difficulty abroad, learn about these passport requirements before you go.

US Passport Rules for Citizens Traveling to Bermuda

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Bermuda passport requirements state that U.S. citizens need their federal IDs to enter the country. For these reasons, individuals should visit a US passport office and request these documents before they travel. Requesters are required to pay application fees when they submit their materials. Additionally, first-time applicants need to pay additional acceptance fees. Furthermore, individuals need to remember that the child passport application fees are less than the adult fees. Regardless, travelers of all ages need passports to visit Bermuda.

Passport Requirements When You Return From Bermuda to the U.S.

You may need to bring a valid US passport with you when return to the United States from Bermuda. This is always the case if you travel by air to return home. However, if you take a Bermuda cruise and return to the same port you left from, these rules change. In these instances, U.S. citizens may be able to use any of the following documents to reenter the country:

  • A passport
  • A current passport card
  • An enhanced driver’s license
  • A state-issued driver’s license and a birth certificate