How to Get an Expedited Passport

A U.S. citizen may want to obtain an expedited passport for a variety of reasons. Generally, these petitioners are preparing for upcoming trips abroad, and they need the proper documentation to travel by land, sea or air to another country. Depending on the applicant’s needs, he or she may need to have a passport book or card expedited to his or her home. Regardless of why candidates need to have their US passport expedited, this service is available to petitioners.

Many candidates are concerned about the expedited passport fee and how quickly they can obtain their international identification documents. Generally, these expediting services are designed to provide assistance to applicants who need their passport cards and books quickly, and for a reasonable price. The sections below outline some details regarding this express service, including how applicants can file their requests, where they can get their passports delivered to and how long the process takes. However, petitioners need to remember that each applicant’s situation is different, and times and prices may vary according the candidate’s needs.

How do I request an expedited passport?

One of the first questions that applicants have is how to request the expedited passport service when they apply for their federal documentation. Candidates who want their passports within a short period of time should consider enlisting the help of a trustworthy third-party provider. These professionals have been verified to assist with federal passport requests with speed, efficiency and reliability. When applicants request to have their US passport expedited, they are expecting to have their documents handled with care. Verified companies can provide this level of attention and diligence to consumers who need their requests filled in all time frames.

Furthermore, candidates must remember that they can file in-person requests for an expedited passport in NYC and other similar cities. However, these options are not always convenient for applicants who lead busy lives. Therefore, applicants who need an expedited passport in Chicago or other major cities throughout the country may prefer to first obtain their application forms online. Completing this step online can help save candidates’ time and energy.

How long does it take to get an expedited passport?

Candidates who ask, “How long does it take to get an expedited passport?” should keep in mind that the answer varies, depending on applicants’ budgets and time frames. When applicants petition to receive their passport books or cards, they pay associated fees. For these fees, candidates can expect to receive their documents within four to six weeks from when their requests are processed. However, this timeframe can vary, depending on how many passport requests the U.S. Department of State needs to process at that time. In any case, the expedited passport time is even less than the usual wait time that is associated with the standard application fee.

In extreme circumstances, petitioners may need to have their US passport expedited so they can receive their documents within a few days or weeks. This is especially true for individuals who need to make last-minute travel plans due to situations such as family emergencies or personal illnesses. In these instances, applicants may need to visit passport agencies in person and request to have their documents expedited. In most cases, applicants who need their passports within a month from when they file their requests take advantage of this option. Often, candidates who file these requests are able to receive their federal identification documentation within several business days. Applicants can also take advantage of this service if they need to have expedited visas to travel to a foreign country.

How much is an expedited passport?

Applicants should expect to pay additional fees when they request to have their US passport expedited instead of paying for standard processing and delivery fees. However, the expedited passport cost that candidates may be required to pay depends on how quickly they want their materials. For example, applicants who live in the United States and request to have their passports expedited through the federal government can expect to pay $60 for these services. This helps to decrease the amount of time it takes for the Department of State to process applicants’ passport requests. Alternatively, candidates can also pay to have expedited delivery of their identification documents. Passport book applicants who want to receive their documents within one to two days from when their requests were processed can choose this additional service. However, this expedited passport delivery option is not available to passport card applicants.

In any case, petitioners need to remember that their expedited passport fee will be added in addition to whatever standard application fee candidates must pay when they request their documents. First-time applicants must also pay $35 acceptance fees that are associated with their petitions for documentation. Furthermore, standard application fees are divided based on petitioners’ ages. Candidates who are older than 16 years of age are regarded as adults, while applicants who are younger than 16 years of age pay children prices. These standard fee totals are as follows:

  • Adult passport book: $110
  • Adult passport card: $30
  • Adult passport book and card: $140
  • Child passport book: $80
  • Child passport card: $15
  • Child passport book and card: $95

Where can I get a US passport expedited?

Applicants can have their expedited US passport shipped to most locations. These services are especially appealing to candidates who are based in the United States and are preparing to take international trips sometime within the next four weeks. Petitioners who have post office (P.O.) boxes will often request to receive their expedited passport at the post office. However, candidates can also request to receive these documents at various personal addresses in different cities. Applicants must report where they want their books and cards delivered when they first apply for this documentation.

Can I get an expedited passport renewal?

Applicants have the opportunity to request expedited passport renewal petitions if they would like to obtain updated versions of their current documents. This option is available to candidates for the same fees as it is for first-time applicants. In order to fill out this request, petitioners must complete the following steps:

  1. Mail a completed copy of Form DS-82 to an application acceptance facility.
  2. Include expediting and standard application fee payments in the envelope.
  3. Mark the exterior of the envelope with the word “EXPEDITE.”

Additionally, candidates who request this expedited passport service for their renewal applications must also remember that they need to pay additional fees for faster shipping, if they would like this service. One to two-day shipping is not included in the expedited processing package.