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U.S. Passport Requirements for Visiting Guam

When most travelers think of the US passport, they think of international travel. This federal identification document is what individuals need to show to foreign governments when they travel from one nation to another. Since Guam is in Micronesia, individuals may think they need to apply for a passport before they visit the island. However, this is not always the case.

It is important that you understand the U.S. passport requirements and documentation rules for specific nations. The following sections explain the travel documents you need to visit Guam and return to the United States. By understanding these requirements before you travel, you can lessen the likelihood that you will not have the proper documents when you go to Guam.

Do I need a US passport to visit Guam?

In most instances, you must have a US passport when you travel from the United States to a foreign country. Since Guam is a US territory, you are not required to submit a passport application and request this documentation. This means that you do not need to have a passport card or book to fly to the island. However, you may need to show additional documentation if you want to travel to Guam in the future. This is especially true if you live in certain states.

In 2020, all U.S. licensed drivers will be required to show a REAL ID compliant driver’s license to board a domestic airplane. If you do not have one of these identification cards, you must show your passport to fly to Guam. If you have questions as to whether your license meets REAL ID requirements, contact state authorities.

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US Passport Requirements to Return to the United States From Guam

When you return to the United States from your Guam travel, you should have your passport with you. However, you may still be able to enter the Unted States without a passport book. Examples of documents that the federal government could accept include:

  • A federally-issued passport card.
  • An enhanced driver’s license (EDL).
  • A Trusted Traveler Program card.