Your Guide to Obtaining a Post Office Passport

A post office passport facility is one of the most common places that first-time applicants visit to obtain their federal identification cards and books. These facilities are conveniently located for potential applicants, as most rural and urban communities have their own post offices. Often, applicants do not even need to wonder, “Is there a passport post office near me?” because they already know where these buildings are located within their communities. However, some individuals who have never received their passports before may not know they can use these locations to request their own federal identification documentation.

The post office passport service is available at many of these locations throughout the country. Facilities that offer these resources to applicants make it possible for candidates to obtain their passport photos and submit their applications at one destination. Once petitioners learn their local post office passport hours, they should consider making appointments at these facilities so they can take the first steps in obtaining their federal identification documents.

Do I need a post office passport appointment?

Usually, candidates must request a post office passport appointment in order to obtain any type of services there. A petitioner must make this appointment to ensure he or she can have passport pictures taken and that there is time to speak with government representatives about the book or card application. Therefore, candidates should consider calling their local facilities and requesting these meeting times before they visit their local post offices.

However, not all passport post office locations require petitioners to schedule formal appointments beforehand. Candidates can check this information by using the United States Postal Service (USPS) website. In any case, it is important that petitioners understand before they visit these facilities whether or not they will be required to schedule appointments there. Passport applicants who are operating under tight schedules may find that the post office cannot process their requests if they come to the office without appointments. To help eliminate future confusion, candidates should confirm this information before they plan trips to their local US post office passport facilities.

Can I visit the post office to get passport photos?

Applicants have the option of obtaining a post office passport photo when they come into these facilities and apply for their federal documents. First-time applicants, children who are younger than 16 years of age and adults who are ineligible to renew their passports are disqualified from obtaining their documents by mail. Furthermore, candidates are not permitted to file their passport requests online.

For these reasons, applicants may find it appealing to visit their nearest US post office passport location to get their official document photos because they may need to stop by these facilities to apply anyway. There are many pharmacies and similar stores where individuals can go to get their passport pictures taken. However, the post office is one of the few places where applicants can get their pictures and also file their official applications. As a result, some petitioners prefer to complete both steps at one location so they can save time traveling from one facility to another.

Can I get a passport application at the post office?

There are approximately 4,800 post office passport facilities throughout the nation that accept passport applications from requestees. Some of these locations may provide passport applications onsite. However, candidates need to call their local facilities and confirm this information beforehand. Regardless, petitioners are able to access blank forms of their passport applications online. First-time applicants of any age use Form DS-11 to file this request, which is available online as a PDF file and as a document that candidates can edit on the government website.

should also keep in mind before they use this in-person post office passport service that they must not sign their passport applications before they arrive at these facilities. Candidates are required to complete this task in person during their appointments with officials.

What are the passport fees at the post office?

Many applicants wonder, “How much does a passport cost at the post office?” There are various fees that petitioners are responsible for paying when they submit their requests for passport books and cards. First, candidates need to remember that they are required to pay specific application fees that are associated with how old they are and what types of documents they need to purchase. For example, adults who are at least 16 years of age need to pay higher application fees for their passport books than they would for passport cards. This same principle applies to children, who, in general, pay less for these services than adults. Also, applicants must pay additional fees if they choose to expedite passports at the post office or through a verified third-party provider online.

However, there are some passport fees at the post office that applicants must also pay in addition to general application charges, including the $35 acceptance fee. Regardless of where candidates apply for their first-time, non-renewal passports, they must pay this fee. Candidates need to pay an additional $15 if they request to have their post office passport photos taken onsite.

Can I visit the US post office for a passport renewal?

Generally, petitioners do not need to request a passport renewal at the post office. Most renewal applicants are eligible to submit their requests by mail using Form DS-82. In fact, petitioners who qualify to use this form are unable to submit the document in person and must mail it to an approved acceptance facility. However, adults who are ineligible to renew their current passport cards and books and children must instead use Form DS-11 and apply for new documentation.