How to Get a Passport Correction

A passport correction can be issued to you if your federal identification book or card is inaccurate. In fact, you should submit a passport application correction request as soon as you realize your documents are incorrect. Keep in mind that there are different circumstances that can require you to need to request a correction. Some of these reasons are outlined in the sections below.

The process for obtaining a passport name correction or other similar update is simple. Also, these correction procedures usually do not take long to complete. In fact, passport holders can submit their requests to the U.S. Department of State using a straightforward passport correction form. By properly filing this request, applicants can ensure that they can continue traveling abroad with accurate documents.

What qualifies me to request a passport correction?

There are many reasons that will require you to need a correction issued for your passport card or book. However, the general types of reasons are outlined below:

  • Incorrect information. When you receive your document, you may notice you have a misspelled name on your passport. In other instances, your birth place or other personal information may be wrong. The government can correct these issues if you inform the U.S. Department of State of the error.
  • Printing mistake. Sometimes, passports do not print correctly. If your data page or your photograph is crooked, you can request the State Department to fix it.
  • Name change. If you change your name, you need to update your passport. However, keep in mind that your specific circumstances can affect which form you use to request this update.

How to Submit Passport Correction Form DS 5504

In many cases, applicants who meet the criteria listed above must use Form DS 5504 to request corrections. This document is available on the U.S. Department of State’s website. Once on this site, individuals have an option regarding how they fill out this form. One way is to download a PDF of the DS 5504 form and mail it to the federal government. Alternatively, applicants can input their information into the fillable form and then print it out. In either scenario, individuals must mail their completed requests to the State Department.

Keep in mind that you may need to submit additional documents along with passport form DS 5504. Without these necessary documents, the government may be unable to process your request. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to include: