Houston Passport Agency

This page provides the contact information for the Houston passport agency in Texas. If you need to apply for a passport, then call this location to schedule an appointment. The Houston Passport Agency can also assist you with any questions or issues you might have about your passport. We also provide additional information to help with the passport application process, including the required documents, application fees, instructions for when you arrive and other helpful information.

Passport Filing Services

If you are traveling internationally in less than 2 weeks or need to obtain a foreign visa within 4 weeks, you are eligible to schedule an appointment at this passport agency with proof of travel. Will call (pickup) service is offered for life or death emergencies and immediate travel.

Passport Appointment & Fees

Appointments are required at all passport agencies. There is no charge to make an appointment at a passport agency and customers should not pay anyone or any business making such a charge. You must pay the $60 expedite fee in addition to application fees to apply at this agency. Proof of travel is required when applying at this agency.

Will call service is offered for life or death emergencies and immediate travel abroad (leaving within 5 business days). The agency will advise you when the passport will be ready for pickup at will call based on your documented travel plans. For all other customers, passports will be issued within 8 business days of applying at the agency. During your appointment, the agency will advise how the passport will be sent to you.

  • Passport Agency Location

  • Houston Passport Agency
    1919 Smith Street 4th Floor
    Houston, TX 77002
  • Passport Agency Phone Number

  • The phone number to call the Houston passport agency is 877-487-2778 TTY: 888-874-7793.
  • Passport Agency Office Hours

  • Monday - Friday:
    8:00am to 2:30pm

Houston Passport Agency Driving Directions

Take JFK Blvd. to Beltway 8 (Sam Houston Tollway) west. Take the Downtown Houston exit onto I-45 South. Stay on I-45 South, take the McKinny Street exit, go 1 block to Smith Street. Turn right onto Smith Street and follow Smith Street to Pierce Street. The building is on the left.

How to Visit the Houston Passport Agency

At the Houston Passport Agency, applicants can apply for a passport even if they plan on leaving the country within a few weeks or even a few days. Generally, these individuals have extenuating circumstances that caused them to be unprepared for their upcoming trips. Regardless of why requesters need an expedited passport, these services are available at this agency location.

There are 27 passport agencies in total, and applicants must visit these facilities in person to submit their document requests. While this process may overwhelm some first-time requesters, the procedure is actually straightforward. So long as individuals arrive with their payments, photo identification cards, applications, proof of citizenship and proof of travel, they have a good chance of being able to get their documents.

How much does it cost to get an expedited passport here?

Applicants who need to have their US passport expedited at this agency need to pay specific fees that are associated with the services they request. First, all applicants are required to pay a $60 expedited passport fee. Next, individuals will likely need to pay a $35 acceptance fee. Furthermore, applicants are also responsible for paying these amounts in addition to whatever standard application fees they are required to pay. This total varies depending on whether or not the individuals are at least 16 years old and what types of documents they want to obtain. In any case, these standard passport application fees are as follows:

  • Child passport card – $15
  • Child passport book – $80
  • Adult passport card – $30
  • Adult passport book – $110

Do I need an appointment to visit the Houston Passport Agency?

If you would like to visit the Houston Passport Agency and speak with a representative about your application, you must first schedule an appointment. If you try and apply for a passport onsite without first scheduling an appointment, you will not be permitted to speak with someone. By requiring you to arrange a meeting time, the US passport agency can help to ensure that you receive prompt, efficient service when you enter the facility.

However, applicants must remember that if they need to visit a passport office instead, they may not need to arrange an appointment beforehand. The US passport office is an application acceptance facility that requesters can use if their travel plans are more than one month away. Passport offices are usually located in different government buildings, such as post offices and public libraries. As a result, these facilities set their own rules regarding whether or not applicants need to schedule appointments beforehand. Applicants who have questions about whether or not they need appointments at these locations must contact the offices directly.

How to Contact the Houston Passport Agency

You should only visit the Houston Passport Agency if you have an appointment. This agency is located in the George Thomas “Mickey” Leland Federal Building at:

1919 Smith Street, 4th Floor
Houston, TX 77002

This passport agency facility is open throughout the week. However, keep in mind when scheduling your appointment that this agency is closed on federal holidays. Additionally, if you need to mail any documents to this facility, you must address these documents to the agency’s P.O. Box address in Sterling, Virginia.